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Click on the girl to get to the Flory Wash shop
Click on the girl to get to the Flory Thick Wash shop

Thick Weathering Wash
Manufacturer: Flory Models
Clay-based weathering wash that is water soluble

Shake or stir well before use
Use on any surface. Brush or airbrush direct from the bottle.
Wait until completely dry and remove with water or with a damp towel or cloth.

Product is non-toxic and non-flammable
Avoid contact with eyes
WFlush immediately with water.

Made in the UK. 50ml

The weathering wash is the easiest way to create the best looking panel lines and weathering in no time with three easy steps, 1. brush or airbrush it on the model. 2. Let it dry (20mins) 3. Wipe it off with some damp kitchen roll. That’s it , that simple. It also does so much more. It can be used anywhere on a model from cockpits to wheel wells, engines to weapons. It works just as well on tanks, ships and vehicles. The best bit is, if you don’t like it, just wash it off and start again. That simple.

The wash comes in eight colours, Dark dirt, Light Dirt, Black, Mud Brown, Rust, Sand, Concrete and Grime. All the colours can be mixed into any shade or colour you need.

1. Brush on the wash

It is recommended that you use the wash over a gloss clear coat when using the wash for the first time. When you have used the wash and are happy with the results you can use it on satin and even flat coats to give a more weathered look to your models. Make sure the surface you will be using it on is completely dry before applying the wash as if it is not, the wash might work into the paint itself and you will not be able to remove it.   

2. Let it dry

Once the wash is on the model allow to dry. Depending on the temperature this will take around 20 minutes. You could speed things up by using a hair dryer on a cool setting. The wash can be left on as long as you like as this will not affect the paint work. In tests the wash has been left on for 3 months and it still came off the model with no problem.  

3.  Whipe it off


When the wash is totally dry you can remove the wash with a damp cloth or better still some good quality kitchen roll. I lick to moisten, then starting with circular movements wipe the wash off. If you use circular movement you will work the wash into any panel lines that do not have any wash in them. Depending on how much you moisten the cloth, it will determine how much of the wash will be removed. If you just want the panel line to have the wash, then a moist cloth is fine but if you were after a little more weathered look then using the cloth dry and lightly rubbing will leave more of the wash behind to give a more dirty looking model. When you are happy that you have got all the wash you want off make a final wipe around in the direction of the air flow. Remember any wash left on after a clear coat is added will show up alot more as the wash will darken up.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q. How long is the shelf life of the wash?

    A. The wash will last forever and even if it dried out completely you just have to add warm water and it’s fine.

2. Q. What is it made of

     A. It is clay based with natural colouring pigments and a few things to help the wash to be applied and removed from the model. There are no man made chemicals in the wash

3. Q. Can I use the wash on enamels or acrylics.

     A. The wash is safe to use on any type of paint.

4. Q. What if I don’t like the colour of the wash?

     A. Simply wash it off with warm water and start again or over coat with a different colour, all the washes can be mixed together.

5. Q. Can I mix the washes to make a new colour ?

     A. Yes you can mix them together.

6. Q. It will not come off my model, it’s welded on.

     A. The paint or clear coat has to be completely dry or the wash will stick to it. It’s best to leave it for 24 hours before using the wash.

7. Q. How long can I leave the wash on before wiping it off?

     A. You can leave it on for over three months and it will still come off as if it’s only been on for a few hours.

8. Q. Does the model need to be gloss coated before using your washes?

     A. No you can use it with a flat coat or gloss, that said your paint work does need to be smooth and not like sand paper. I would recommend a satin or gloss coat for your first time you use it.

9. Q. Can I brush paint a clear coat over the wash or does it have to be airbrushed.

     A. Once all the excess wash has been removed you can brush over the wash with a normal brush or airbrush to seal the wash in. The wash will darken slightly when covered.

10. Q. The wash has separated and gritty?

      A.  Is it the full colour label or the black and white one? The black and white label is the old formula (7 years old) and can clump up

The only other thing we have found it the if you use a brush that has thinners on it and pop it in the pot it can course the wash to clump up and go gritty.

A fix is to poor it into a jug and add a drop of dish water soap and give it a good mix with a big brush, Let it stand for a few minutes and then poor it back into the bottle holding back the bubbles.

11. Q. There’s lots of bubbles in the bottle? Is the normal

      A.  Yes this is totally normal and this will help the wash break the surface tension and flow better.

If you give the bottle a good shake to mix the clay and pigment together and then poor it into a small dish the bubbles will stay in the bottle and your have a smooth wash to work with

We don’t recommend putting a brush directly in the bottle as this can contaminate it’s wash with residue that may have dried on the brush, this can contaminate the wash turning it gritty as the clay is attracted to Particles and clamps up